Welcome to Theatre Arts at PEMS!

When you enter the classroom and the auditorium you will experience a world of creativity, both on and off the the stage! I can't wait to see what each one of you bring to the Class!

Let's Begin!............................

Get to know our brains; Wake Up!

Find our Connection to Character; First Ourself!

Words are FREE!; When and How to use them!

Improvisation; It's all about a Moment in Time!

9 Week Related Arts Course

Theatre Arts courses will explore the students ability to be creative at their own pace, their own experiences and their own imaginative performances and writings.

Each student will learn techniques of acting, writing, directing, stage settings, as well as the history behind the years of theatre development. We will also explore the difference between Live Theatre and Film.

I want to create a fun environment for the students, for those who willonly have this class to explore theatre and for those who find their place on stage and behind the scenes in theatre for years to come.


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