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Mr. Sadler has been at Portland East since 2004. He works with students individually, in groups and in the classroom. Mr Sadler is also the 504 coordinator, Video Club sponsor and robotics team coach. He has written several books, including Generations to Come: Becoming All Things to Your Child. Mr Sadler is available to talk anytime to parents and students.

As your School Counselor, Mr Sadler is . . .

  • A Problem Solver – He helps you solve problems by assisting you with deciding what the problem is and what you can do about. Then you decide what to do.
  • A Listener – Sometimes just talking about what is bothering you can make you feel tons better.
  • A Helper – Got something you’re having trouble with personally? Mr Sadler can help with this so you can get back on track with doing your best at school.
  • A Secret Keeper – Mr Sadler won’t tell anyone what you tell him unless someone is in danger or getting hurt.

If you need assistance with food, clothing or school supplies for your child anytime during the school year, do not hesitate to contact Mr Sadler.

The purpose of the Guidance Department at PEMS is to help students achieve in the areas of academic development, social and emotional development and college and career readiness.

If you are a parent or guardian and would like to see Mr. Sadler, simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. him or give him a call.





The mission of the Portland EAST Guidance Department is to ensure that every student is given equal opportunity for growth in the areas of career, academics, and personal development. The program will challenge students to consider their choices and how they affect their current state and future success. The program will promote a positive learning environment as it enhances both the student and teacher experience along with affecting the perception of our school in the community. The school counseling program will also ensure that parents are a part of their child’s educational experience. The program will focus on prevention, intervention, and development as data and accountability ensure a high performing program over time.



If you are new to the Portland area and need to register your child, please read the following to make the registration process simple and easy.

  1. Withdraw from your previous school and bring that paperwork with you.
  2. Make sure you know which middle school you are zoned for; East or West. Call 615-452-1520 or click here to find out.
  3. When registering, it is helpful to have the following

    -birth certificate
    -immunization record
    -custody papers, if applicable
    -The school you are coming from will say they'll send it when we request and most of the time they do, but sometimes they don't:-(

  4. It is very important that we have a proof of residence; something that proves you are living in our zone. Two of the following are acceptable proofs and must be current.

    -Lease agreement
    -Mortgage bill
    -Motor vehicle registration
    -Current bill attached to the residence such as electricity, gas, water or landline phone (cell phone bills are not accepted.)
    -Current bank statement
    -Something from employer such as a pay stub
    -Voter registration card
    -Property tax bill
    -Tennessee driver's license
    -Tennessee picture ID
    -Documentation from the Department of Human Services



The Video Club is made up of 8th grade students who work to produce meaningful videos that inspire and challenge the thinking of middle schoolers for their character development. We also produce a monthly news show that is both fun and informative.

Check out our YouTube channel here.


At Panther Tech, we design, build and program robots to compete locally through Vex Robotics Competitions.



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